I wanna ask her if you’re really ex-boy because she is very beautiful transgender.

Name:Andrea Shane

Birthday:12/29, 1995

Current:Fresh Grade in University

The reasonWhy fresh this year:Worked for making and saving tuition.

Surgery:Not yet but inject female hormone.

Personality:Funny, Friendly , kindness, joyful as a person and very positive.

Self-Introduction:Nice to meet you. I am Andrea of Mandaue City, Cebu. I am a proud member of LGBT. I am young transgender who has a personality of being kind, funny, joyful and very understanding a person.

唐仁田(カラニダ):It’s very nice to meet you 😀

Andrea:Me too 😀


Feel wrong and Coming out

The trigger she noticed

唐仁田(カラニダ):When did you find it that you are not a boy?

Andrea:Ever since when I am 5 years old, very young, I noticed it already that I feel different than any other boys and I act very lazy and feminine.

唐仁田(カラニダ):Why did you notice it ?

Andrea:It’s because my friends are mostly girls. I feel like I have a female heart.

唐仁田(カラニダ):How did you feel about yourself when you noticed it?

Andrea:At first I feel like I’m different and also it’s difficult. For me the difficult is I am scared that people will not accept who I am and I might feel rejection.

唐仁田(カラニダ):Wow, you felt rejection at 5 years old…..


唐仁田(カラニダ):You also like selfie…. I mean Most Filipina love it…


唐仁田(カラニダ): (harrumph)(harrumph)

Andrea:Can I start Facebook-live?

唐仁田(カラニダ):yeah….sure tho…


About Being gay.

唐仁田(カラニダ):Whom did you tell it at first?

Andrea:Well My mother. It was scared. Just scared. I told her that I feel like a girl when I was 5.

唐仁田(カラニダ):Didn’t you remember it? Because you’re so young.

Andrea:I remember. She can’t accept me at first. Because she believes that being gay is a sin. “Andrea, you are not my child. ” she is angry to me.

唐仁田(カラニダ):It’s too sad that’s why you remember clearly.

Andrea:Yeah , She accept me later on.

唐仁田(カラニダ):How about your friend?

Andrea:My female accepted me. My male friends can’t accept me. Some says I am freak and some had been bullying me.

唐仁田(カラニダ):How did they bully you ?

Andrea:Discriminate and even doing physical abuse. Punch and spank.

唐仁田(カラニダ):That’s too sad….

Andrea:Yes, I also feel anxiety and depression.

唐仁田(カラニダ):How about your jr high and high school?

Andrea:I was accepted and start been trans. I was bullied but not too much and that time I already have many friends.

Difference between gay and trans

唐仁田(カラニダ):What the difference between gay and trans?

Andrea:Difference between gay and transgender is that gay is female at heart but gayish and manly and not feminine not like a transgender who is physically a woman and also female at heart.

Relationship with Fam, Friend and lover.

About parents and Friend

唐仁田(カラニダ):How do your parents think as you?

Andrea:Now They think of me and treat me like a real woman.

唐仁田(カラニダ):Do you have any brothers and sisters ?

Andrea:2 older brothers. I am the youngest and only female. They accepted me.

唐仁田(カラニダ):How do friends think as you? Do you have a lot of female friends?

Andrea:They accept me and support me. Both female and male.

Do you have a bf?

唐仁田(カラニダ):Do you have a boyfriend?

Andrea:I am single right now.

唐仁田(カラニダ):Have you ever had a boyfriend?

Andrea:Yeah. He is a straight and Japanese-filipino.

I had 3 ex bf and last boyfriend was my longest relationship.

唐仁田(カラニダ):How long?

Andrea:One and a half.

唐仁田(カラニダ):It’s quite long and does it …

Andrea:Another question, Please. I don’t wanna talk about him any more. I am sorry . . . 

Dream and Message

About living as trans until die.

唐仁田(カラニダ):How do you think about you will live as a transgender until you die.

Andrea:I will not regret it because it was the most beautiful thing and the freedom ever happened into my life.

唐仁田(カラニダ):What is your dream?

Andrea:My dream is to become a future Flight Attendant.

唐仁田(カラニダ):If you could be a Flight Attendant, This will be the first transgender to work in an airline  company.

Andrea: I hope so.

Message for the people confused about gender

It’s a good thing if you will educate and explore yourselves to someone like us.

Message from her, personally

I am willing to give advice to everyone needs it and I am waiting for many invitations from nice people. For me, Nice people is someone who will accept me, be friendly and open about me.

唐仁田(カラニダ):All interviews done!!! Thank you very much!!!

Andrea:(applause) yeah

唐仁田(カラニダ):Let’s go to shooting.

Andrea:I brought sexy swimsuit. (shy)

The Album of Beautiful Andrea

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